Exercise is good for you! You’d have to live in a cave to not know that in today’s society. 30 minutes a day is a good goal if you’re not doing any exercise and an hour is sufficient if you are already exercising.

Too much of anything is bad for you. Too much water can cause water toxicity. Too much oxygen can cause oxygen toxicity. Both can kill you. We all know what too much food does to you, even if it’s organic food! But these are not what we are discussing today. Too much treadmill or too much elliptical machine can also be bad for you.

Next time you are running or walking on a beach, or soft dirt of any kind, look back at your footprints. You will see at least a slight deviation of left to right. When you are on a treadmill you are locked in to a heel toe pattern with almost no deviation. An elliptical trainer is even more restricting but without the jarring of heel to surface contact. This lack of deviation is where the problem is.

Years ago I was training for my first half marathon, which I had visions of turning into a full marathon, and hence I was running on the treadmill for two hours or so, three or four times a week. This lack of deviation was the ultimate cause of my first torn meniscus. Fortunately, I only refer to conservative doctors and the orthopedist I went to recommended I avoid surgery unless it became unbearable or I was not able to function. I was able to get through without surgery and I’m happy to say I am still an avid runner at 60 years young.

Aerobic training is an integral part of exercise! Outside running, if possible, is almost always better under most circumstances. Contain treadmill running and elliptical machines to 30 minutes or under, or 30 minutes twice a day (morning and evening) if you feel 30 minutes is not sufficient.

While I’m on the subject of exercise, incorporate resistance training (weight lifting) into your workout program. It is easier to maintain muscle mass than to rebuild it after it has degenerated, especially when you are ageing. Machines are ok for some people, but I find that free weights allow a more natural movement.

In addition to regular exercise and a good diet be sure to get Chiropractic adjustments to maintain proper life flow from your brain to your body. It makes your body function better!

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-Dr. Marlon K. Fox